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 ​It was the summer of 1777, when Mary and her parents, Jason and Sarah Gossett, sat waiting in the hotel dining room for Mrs. Amanda Preston and her son David. They hadn’t seen him since he left to attend the College of Philadelphia five years earlier. When David arrived, Mary couldn’t believe the change that had come upon him. He was no longer the awkward boy she once knew, but a refined gentleman. To everyone's dismay, David announced how he had signed up as a Continental Army officer, to soon serve in the ranks under General George Washington.

     Before departing for Washington’s camp, David paid a visit to Mary. Once alone in the flower garden she tried to convince him to stay, and be with her. Though he had fallen in love with Mary, he felt it was his duty to serve his country in fighting for their Independence. When seeing how it was affecting her, he vowed to faithfully return as the lovely roses did each year.

     On 29, October, 1777 Mary wrote to David.

     “Upon your departure I went to my bedroom to think over our conversation. I too found myself in deep regret over our parting. We were together for only a short while, though it felt natural, as if we were meant for each other. I wept when thinking how you were riding off to fight a needless war, and chose not to stay behind with me.”

The Rose