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When clicking on the desired eBook cover it will take you to the appropriate page where it is showcased. After you have finished reading a synopsis of the book, you can return to the Showcase of Stories page by either clicking on the opened book at the bottom of the page, or from the navigation bar above. I hope you enjoy your visit, and will return soon. Thank you for telling your friends about us.      ​Dorene J. Stamper
By clicking on the Young Soldier, you will have the opportunity to learn about our American  history. From the onset of the Revolutionary War, to almost every document required to turn this land into a nation can be found there. I present to you. . . . The United States of America.

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You will also be introduced to the novel
Jeanetta Lynn Parker and the Birth of a Nation ​​​
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Showcase of Stories
An Animal's Voice   It was written to answer a question many children have asked throughout the ages.  Most parents never knew what to say regarding this. To help them out; here's one interpretation they may freely use.  ​By clicking the eBook cover you will find the full story with simple drawings.
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