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Scarab of Sacrifice
    Rushing home, Nancy couldn't wait to show her husband Ted an authentic Egyptian scarab; one she had bought for a dollar at a yard sale. She, and their two children, Janie and Junior, had always been interested in Egyptology, so to Nancy having this relic in their home was a good idea.

   Life was going well until one morning Janie told her mother of a continuing nightmare. “In my dream Junior and I, along with two other children, are being pulled by two Egyptian priests. We’re screaming, and trying to get away, but they won’t let us go. With each dream, I find us closer to wherever we’re being taken."

   Though Janie’s nightmares has started when the scarab had entered their home, Nancy never saw the connection, and passed it off as nothing to be worried about. That is until finding herself in the same nightmare, only this time it was far too real to be ignored.