As an animal owner and lover, I invite you to my new website titled 'Prince Pippin the Buffy Knight'. Within this website you will join me in my new adventure of what it's like owning such a rambunctious little guy.

Upon the passing of my beloved ​​ Foxy, who was also a Pomeranian , I was devastated. During the 14 years together we had been on many  adventures, including assignments when I was a news reporter. And now he was gone. I cried most of the time out of longing for this precious little guy. ​ So much so that on Christmas my children decided to buy me a new Pomeranian
By clicking on the photos of Prince Pippin, as he's holding the Evil Raccoon, it will take you to HIS website. There you will learn all about him, how he came to be, and the rocky, and somewhat fun world I now find myself in. ​​
puppy. Into my life pranced a two pounder, little Prince Pippin the Buffy Knight. And life hasn't been the same.

​​Where Foxy was easy to train, Prince Pippin isn't. Where Foxy allowed you time for yourself, Prince Pippin is the 'Prince', and all the toys are his subjects, and I'm the master of keeping them where he can find them. We all have our rolls to play in the realm of Prince Pippin, and this little guy, though a handful, is a delight.
I'm NOT a professional dog trainer or veterinarian, and what I do with Prince Pippin is called trial and lots of errors. So please keep this in mind. I am not here to train anyone, and not to give professional advice. This website is for owners of new puppies, young dogs, and older ones to let them know they are not alone when times of stress kick in. 

If you are seeking a real pro, I'm not it. And I'm sure that ​​ Cesar Millan will cringe at some of the things I'm doing. But, what can I say, I'm here, I love this little guy, and so far every dog I've trained has become a delight for everyone to be around. And hopefully it will continue with this little guy. Oh yes, he's now almost four pounds, and still very adventurous.

​​This is a fun website to write, and I also invite the readers to add photos of their beloved pet, and even write a line or two. As long as it's clean and helpful, I'm for it.  And if you have a website that will be of interest to pet owners, lets connect them. So again, I welcome you to visit

                                                ​'Prince Pippin the Buffy Knight'