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The United States of America.
Jeanetta Lynn Parker

The Birth of a Nation​​
 Jeanetta Lynn Parker, a thirteen-year-old in Pennsylvania of 1867, felt that war was unnecessary, and we didn't need the Civil War, or even the Revolutionary War. In fact, we could have easily stayed under English rule without any change in America's future.

 Many times, Jeanetta Lynn's father tried to open her eyes, and help her to realize that one must be willing to fight for the liberties she enjoyed. But stubbornly she stuck to her own beliefs, and wouldn't even listen.

 Then one day, Jeanetta Lynn and her favorite cousin, Serenity Stewart, were given a gift by their Aunt Hunnicutt. Through this magical gift, all three were whisked back in time to 1773. There they witness the Boston Tea Party, and other events in history.

 ​​While dining at the Green Dragon, they meet the Wright family, and later fall in love with William and Robert. By being around the Wright children, they learned how it was to be teenagers in another era of time. Being included as active members of the family, the girls saw first hand what Mr. Parker had tried so
hard to teach them: That liberty does not come served up on a silver tray; it's a freedom you must be willing to fight to obtain, and then continue fighting to keep.