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Fourth of July Soldier​
   It was 1863, and for the past three days battles raged in the nearby towns of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. While in the midst of chaos, the residents of Sweetshire were making plans to observe the Fourth of July. Their guest speaker was a man they knew well, 103-year-old Mr. Timothy Barker, Timmy for short.

   Decorating the town for the event took the help of all citizens, both young and old, if it were to be a success. Once ready, the people headed for home, and would be returning later that evening. Partway home, Jeanetta Lynn and Serenity heard moans coming from within a clump of brush. When investigating further, they found a young boy who was badly injured. He was wearing a soldier's uniform they had never seen before.

   There are times when the past and the present somehow fuse together to form its own reality.