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For You are Beautiful
 Do you remember the song, The Last Farewell, by Roger Whittaker? The lyrics begin with,

              There's a ship lies rigged and ready in the harbor
              Tomorrow for old England she sails
              Far away from your land of endless sunshine

   When first hearing this song, I wanted to know more. Such as what is her name, how did they meet, what took place while on the island, did they ever marry, did he return for her, and what happened next?

   In my story, ‘For You are Beautiful', it unlocks the love story hidden within the song.

   An English wooden ship is wrecked through a heavy squall that ended as suddenly as it had started, causing it to land on an island. The Captain was given permission by King Kamehameha to stay.  "Be here as long as needed to make your ship well," said King Kamehameha.

   ​​ When not working on the ship, the crew spent their time learning about the natives and were fascinated by their dangerous sports and taboos.

   Officer Hancock falls deeply in love with Kamea, the daughter of Kalei, who is a Kahunas, a powerful holy priest who speaks to spirits. Her love for him bothers Kalei, and when asked if they could marry, he quickly plots a contest that Hancock must win if he is to marry his daughter, otherwise he will be put to death.