An Animal's Voice

By Dorene J. Stamper
2014 ©​
                                    Throughout history you hear many                                            things that may not be true, such as                                          why animals cannot speak. At one                                              time animals had voices the same as                                          you or I.

                                     ​​It all happened a long time  ago, back when our earth was being created, and animals lived in the World of Spirits. God asked them if they wanted to retain their ability to talk once being sent to earth. After thinking it over, the animals wanted to know the good from the bad before making their decision.

            God replied, “If you give up your voice, and allow man to do with you as he pleases,
            ​I ​will reward you for this. You will return to Heaven, and enjoy an eternity filled with
            ​peace and ​love.”

                                 ​​​​​​  ​“And what will happen if we are able to say what is on our minds?”
                                    ​asked a donkey.  “Will  we still be able to return to live with you,
                                    ​or even a master 
we've learned to love?”

        ​God looked over the gathering before he spoke. “With a voice you will only return

        ​if ​you ​prove yourself worthy. This means that you will be judged according to your


                                  ​​Rommel, an impressive gray wolf, and their leader, asked,
                                  ​“God, what do you feel will be a better future for us all?”

​​​​                                   “It would be to be silent, and then you will be worthy of
                                   ​life eternal in Heaven.”

                                  Facing the animals, Rommel asked, “What is it that you desire?
                                  ​Do you wish for us to retain this ability, or to willingly give it up?”

                                  ​​“Will we be able to choose who we will live with?” asked a
                                  ​squirrel, excitedly running
​back and forth on a branch.

                         While holding back his tears, God replied, “No, you will not be able to
                        ​ choose your ​​​​​​masters once there. I fear most of you will lose your lives
                         ​needlessly, and yet there will be humans who will love you as dearly as
                         ​if you were their own child. Some of you will live in the wilds never
                         ​seeing mankind. But there will still be dangers within the animal kingdom.
                        ​ It may not be your choice as to what path you will follow. A few of you
                         ​may even become the aggressor, and it will be you who needs to learn
                         ​compassion. Several will do so, however, most of you will not have any
                         ​to show, only toward your own species.”

​                              “I say we give up our voice,” cried Rommel. “Returning here to be
                              ​with God is worth all we would ever endure, even at the cost of our
                              ​lives. What say yee?”

​​​                              The animals spoke among themselves, and shortly with a loud
                              ​voice they shouted, ​
​“To return to God, we will be silent!”

                              Rommel looked up at God, bowed and said, “It has been agreed,
                              ​we will live on Earth without words to say.”

                              “Very well said, and thank you all,” smiled God. “It is now time
                              ​to ​send a few of you to earth, for Jesus Christ has almost finished
                              ​forming it, and soon it will be ready for life. Rommel, you will be
                              ​one of the first to leave.” Looking at the animals gathered before                                                               him, he continued, “And I’ll receive each of you with honor as you
                              ​return home.”

​​​​                              With that, all the animals, fish and fowl started to cheer.
                              ​Animals raced about while
some stopped their feet or hooves
                              ​with heads raised high. Water life swam in circles
                              ​water high above them, and flapped their fins in excitement.
                              ​The fowl of
​the air flew high swooping and diving about.
                              ​They all did this with such joy and love
​for God. They knew
                              ​from that time on they would all receive eternal salvation, and

                              ​once more to live with Him.


​​                        I said throughout history you will hear many things that may not be true.
                        ​So is this just one of them? It’s all up to you.

                                                                        The End

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